Monday, September 10, 2012

SSRS Grouping and Row Visibility

SSRS Grouping:

We can configure SSRS report Group On filter using configuration.

Step1: Create a Custom Parameter and give default and available values. (None and Filter1)

Step2: After adding Table to report design, add Parent Group and enter group expression as shown below.

=IIF(Parameters!GroupOn.Value = "Filter1",Fields!Filter1Name.Value,"")

Step3: Add this Group on top of the table and merge the fields.

SSRS Group Row Visibility:

Select the Group row and right click and select “Row Visibility” and end the expression as below.
This will configure the GroupOn filter row visibility.

If you select “None” then it will not show GroupOn Row; if you select Filter1, it will show GroupOn Row with Filter.Value.

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