Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SharePoint InstantListFilter Demo

This is a demo of SharePoint InstantListFilter, a Javascript based solution that adds filter textboxes to every column of a SharePoint list view (SPGridView) with filter-as-you-type functionality. It uses jQuery to add the textboxes and perform the filtering.
You can download it for free from
You can play around by entering values in the textboxes and see how the result sets get filtered immediately. Be aware of the fact that the amount of rows and columns do affect the performance. As this is a 100% client side solution, the spec of your machine will also affect the performance.
This demo was implemented by only inserting some javascript into a Content Editor Web Part on this page. It does not require anything to be installed on the server, which is pretty handy for sitations where you have limited access to your SharePoint environment (which is the case for this demo site!).

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