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Monday, October 24, 2011

Create rich HTML email message in Sharepoint Designer 2010 workflow

The Sharepoint designer 2010 workflow email body action is not a rich HTML, its not supported with this version but i found a quick way to add rich HTML in email body message.
Here is the steps:
  • First create your HTML in dreamweaver or vs2010 or any other HTML editing tool
  • Then open your workflow in SPD 2010
  • Add “Send email” workflow action from ribbon
  • Keep “Send Email” action selected/highlighted
  • Then navigate to ribbon and select advanced properties
  • Select last option Body
  • Click on the button (...) to open the text pad
  • paste your html including head,body and html.
  • Click OK and open the action from workflow step
  • Then add your lookups and test it.
  • Done!

1 comment:

  1. PARAB√ČNS!!!!
    Muito obrigado pela sua ajuda