Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Creating custom views on Survey in Sharepoint

For other lists within sharepoint we have an option of
creating our own custom views.


However we have no such option in case of Survey. To create
our own custom view in case of survey we can do the following

First get the id of your survey. For this select view source
of the following page

You can get the id of the survey at following line


The id of the survey list is – 545889cc%2D1be0%2D463d%2Dbaa2%2D6dbec360ba68



%2D is equal to -

Now we need the url where in we
will use the above list id for creating custom view

For this create a simple IssueTracking
list or any other list for which we have an option of creating custom view.

Now select setting–>create
view for that newly created list

Copy the url



Get this much part of the url


%7B is equal to {

%7D is equal to }

Modify it in the following manner



http:// servername:12345:12345/_layouts/ViewType.aspx?List={545889cc-1be0-463d%2Dbaa2-6dbec360ba68}

i.e replace the list id.

Now you should be able to create your own custom views on surveys.

This is an Excellent job by  Nishant Rana.

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