Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Create a Web Part Page WITH a Quick Launch Menu in SharePoint 2010

The default web part pages will lose the Quick Launch navigation, so I usually create a blank ASPX page instead. These are the steps to take to create your own web part page. This is also a useful method for creating custom form pages for your lists.
  1. Create a document library to put your web part pages in.
  2. Open your site in SharePoint Designer, and click File –> New –> ASPX
  3. Right Click the page and open in Advanced Mode.
  4. Select Style Menu and choose Attach button on the Ribbon and select Default Master Page., and click Attach Master Page
  5. Click OK for the Default Master Page.
  6. Click the PlaceHolderMain section in the middle of the page, click the little chevron (the little gray button with an arrow on it), and click Create Custom Content.
  7. Put your cursor inside of the PlaceHolderMain section. On the Insert Menu, choose SharePoint Controls, and click Web Part Zone.
  8. Click File and Save As, and save it to the document library that you created at step one.
Now you have a blank web part page that DOES contain the Quick Launch navigation on the left. You can either add web parts here in SharePoint Designer, or from the browser.

Note: If you’d like to have multiple web part zones, step 6 would be to create a table first, and then insert the web part zones into each cell of the table.

 Happy SharePointing!!!

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