Monday, September 19, 2011

Hide View All Site Content and Recycle Bin in Quick Launch for SharePoint 2010 site

I assigned a task to hide “View All Site Content” and “Recycle Bin” link from left hand navigation of sharepoint 2010 site. I wanted to implement this without editing the master page in SharePoint Designer. I just open the page where i want to hide these links, i checked the source of that web page by right click and view source in internet explorer. I saw that both links are placed inside different tables that have different style classes. So i did the following steps to hide both links.
1. Site Settings > Edit Page
2. Add a Content Editor Web Part anywhere in the page.
3. Ope tool pane of Content Editor Web Part by clicking “Modify Shared Web Part” option from top right drop down of web part.
4. Click on “Source Editor” button inside tool-pane and in “Text Entry” window paste the following lines.

s4-specialNavLinkList {
< /style>

5. Click Save
6. Expand Layout section inside toolpane.
7. Check the Hidden checkbox and click OK.

To Hide Quick Launch Bar.

In the HTML Source add the following and Click OK.

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