Monday, August 1, 2011

PerformancePoint Services 2010 (PPS) Hotfixes

Yesterday I decided to take a quick glance at the TechNet Support site to see if there had been any new hotfixes released for the latest version of PerformancePoint. I know that there was a fix added in SQL Server 2008 R2 CU5, PerformancePoint Services 2010 Analytical Grid Filter Fix, Sort of, but I was wondering if there was anything else. Well it turns out there has been. So far I was able to track down 3 hotfixes in addition to the SQL CU and then there has also been a SharePoint CU as well that includes these as well.
TitleKB ArticleInformation
SharePoint Server 2010 Cumulative Update Server Hotfix Package (MOSS server-package): March 3, 2011KB 2475878Cumulative update of hotfixes for SharePoint Server 2010
PerformancePoint Server 2010 hotfix package (ppsmawfe-x-none.msp, ppsmamui-xx-xx.msp): February 22, 2011KB 2496951Query String (URL) filter web part fix with scorecards and decomposition tree
FIX: An analytic grid that is connected to SSAS 2008 R2 returns incorrect data when you apply a filter to the analytic grid in PerformancePoint Dashboard DesignerKB 2463203The fix for this is actually included in CU 5 for SQL Server 2008 R2. Refer to my blog posting above that discusses the issue and shows what has been done. There is a forum thread in regards to this as well – filter value function not working on analytic grid
PerformancePoint Server 2010 hotfix package (ppsmamui-xx-xx.msp, ppsmawfe-x-none.msp): December 14, 2010KB 2466270Scorecard fix for dimension names that include a % symbol.
PerformancePoint Server 2010 hotfix package (Ppsmawfe.msp): October 26, 2010KB 2422440Fix for Decomposition Tree displaying captions in multiple languages for the MUI

So far this is all I have tracked down. Hopefully now that this is fully baked into the SharePoint product now, for the most part, that the hotfixes and updates will be released a bit more frequently and be easier to track down. Maybe the PPS team will even blog about them as well? After all they took a six month break from blogging, so hopefully they have some good stuff built up to share now.

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